Megalith VR - Void Iron Props
Felipe sanin nexuscore 01

Core - High Res Sculpt

Felipe sanin nexuscore 02

Core - In-Engine
Concept by Matthew Arnone

Felipe sanin quarrymap 05
Felipe sanin siegeinhib 02

Siege Inhibitor - In-Engine

Felipe sanin siegeinhib 01

Siege Inhibitor - High Res Sculpt

Felipe sanin quarrymap 07
Felipe sanin siegeplatform 01

Core Platform - In Engine

Megalith - Void Iron Platform

Felipe sanin siegeplatform 02

The Core platform textures where made using Substance Designer.

Felipe sanin siegeshrine 02

Siege Shrine - In-Engine

Felipe sanin siegeshrine 01

Siege Shrine - High Res Sculpt

Megalith VR - Void Iron Props

Made for the multiplayer PSVR game Megalith.
From their High-Res Sculpt to the creation of their crystal-metallic material, It was a lot of fun to create the Void Iron props.
I had a blast creating the Core Platform in particular, as It was made mostly in its entirety using Substance Designer and Unreal's material editor.
Art Director: Jed Melnik

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