Angry Totem Fountain
Felipe sanin pctotem full

Angry Totem Fountain - Grass in Motion

Felipe sanin pctotem maps

Texture Maps - As seen in UE4

Felipe sanin pctotem texturemaps

Texture Maps

Felipe sanin pctotem sculpt

High Resolution Sculpt

Felipe sanin pctotem diffuseonly


Felipe sanin zevwm8vwgwi

Based on this concept made by Per_Versus:

Angry Totem Fountain

Prop that I started making for Polycount's August Environment Challenge. I wanted to challenge myself to try a different technique, and create a fully hand-painted diffuse map based on a high-res sculpt.

Based on this concept made by Per_Versus:

After creating the Diffuse map, I moved to Substance Painter to make the Roughness map using some brush-stroke textures combined with the Curvature and AO maps baked from the high-resolution mesh.
Rendered in UE4.

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