Megalith VR - Titan Props
Felipe sanin titanassets 05

Thorn's Ward - High-Res Sculpt

Felipe sanin titanassets 01

Thorn's Ward - In-Engine
Concept by Matthew Arnone

Felipe sanin swordthorn 01

Thorn's Sword
Modeling and Sculpting by Ali Jamalzahed.
Texturing and Materials by Felipe Sanin

Felipe sanin titanassets 04

Cipher's Rupture Totems - High Res

Felipe sanin titanassets 03

Cipher's Rupture Totems
Concept by Matthew Arnone

Megalith VR - Titan Props

Made for the multiplayer PSVR game Megalith.
These are some of the weapons and equipment Titans use on the battlefield!
I worked creating the models and textures for Cipher's Rupture Totems and Thorn's Ward.
On Thorn's Sword, I worked exclusively on the textures and materials for the model that Ali Jamalzahed had created.
Art Director: Jed Melnik
Concept Artist: Matthew Arnone

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